Solid panel window shutters are incredibly attractive and provide a wonderful, more classic shutter look. The beauty of solid panel window shutters is not only in their appearance but also in their simplicity. Because there are no operable louvers, the solid panels can only be opened or closed to let in light or block it out, as opposed to other louvered shutter styles, which offer a mix of light and privacy options.

Blackout Shutters

Two general types of shutters

Interior shutters can be divided into two types depending on the type of their construction.

1. Shutters with louvers. This is a modern window decoration option, a great alternative to the usual blinds. As a rule, these are hinged or folding shutters, equipped with a special regulator that allows you to adjust the shutters and thus let more or less daylight into the room. They are usually made of wood or plastic. Metal is rarely used for this type of shutter (the exception – is if the shutters are designed for external use).

2. Solid shutters. Installed in door and window openings. Most often they can be seen in office and residential buildings. They are characterized by compactness, durability, a certain level of safety, and ease of use.

What are solid shutters?

The term “solid window shutters” refers to any shutter with panels that are not slatted. They are crafted from solid hardwood and therefore let in significantly less light than their more modern counterparts with louvres. They are popular among those who want to maintain a classic Victorian appearance for their windows, similar to old English, Regency-style Bay windows which rise from floor to ceiling.

Solid panel shutters, which do not have slats, provide secure, attractive, and beautiful top-to-bottom window covering.

Solid Shutters
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The perks of having solid window shutters

o During the day, the single panel design screens out undesired light.

o Adds an extra layer of insulation to help keep the heat in.

o Can be attached to a track and used as room dividers for enhanced privacy.

o A low-cost, elevated solution for every home.

o Excellent choice for huge areas of glass, such as sliding patio doors.

o When the shutters are closed, they create the illusion of a fake wall.

Why choose solid shutters?

Solid window shutters are ideal for darkening your room area due to their solid, all-covering nature. While they do not provide a total ‘blackout’ effect, they are excellent for creating quiet, serene bedrooms or complimenting the exquisite décor of high-ceilinged living rooms

Solid shutters shine greatest when framing the windows of typical Victorian houses and flats in Regency design. Consider the characteristic rows of limestone properties that line Brighton’s beachfront or Bath’s. Solid wood shutters really shine in setups like this.

Having said that, our philosophy has long remained that we can fit shutters on almost any window. So, whether your home is hundreds of years old or spanking new, solid interior wood shutters will be an excellent addition.

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Full height solid shutters

Solid inside shutters, without slats, provide insulating top-to-bottom window covers that are both private and secure.

They’re also ideal for complementing a sophisticated home décor style with a more classic vibe.

Where are solid panel shutters most appropriate?

When gracing the windows of typical Victorian houses and apartments, solid shutter panels are quite stunning.

They are frequently used on the bottom sash windows when the window is overlooked in a densely populated region. However, because we can measure and make any of our shutters to fit your windows, they are an excellent solution for bay windows and oddly shaped windows of any size. The size and form of a window make no difference to us. Solid inside wood shutters will look great in any home, whether it is hundreds of years old or brand new.

Because of the quantity of light they can block out, solid shutters are an excellent choice for bedrooms. They are, nevertheless, strong, sturdy, and insulating enough to be used in every area in the house. Remember that they may also be used to divide rooms.

We may install these shutters not only on windows but also on doors and other openings and fixtures like closets.


Here are some of the reasons we prefer solid wood shutters:

o Light as well as personal space – the solid panel, which has no operable louvers, may be opened and closed to provide the ideal balance of light and privacy.

o Create a statement – The magnificent, tasteful, classic look of solid window shutters will make a significant aesthetic statement in your home. This shutter type transforms rooms with a traditional or vintage design, especially when color-matched to a significant piece of the room’s décor.

o Solid but adaptable – Customers frequently pick solid panel shutters to cover not just windows, but also doors and closets. They also function well as free-standing screens and room dividers.

o All of our shutters are created to order, so we can suit practically any size or shape of window, including arches, portholes, even the very small and very big.

o There’s no need to sacrifice appearance for substance with our solid shutters, which are made from hardwood and can be customized with an array of unique colors or wood stains.

o This traditional shutter style features entirely solid panels with no louvres or slats, allowing significantly less light in than its competitors. Because of their all-encompassing character, they are ideal for darkening your room space. While they do not generate a total ‘blackout’ effect, they may be used to create dark, tranquil bedrooms or to compliment the sophisticated furnishings of living and dining rooms.

o Reduced heat loss — When fully closed, full solid shutters trap warm air in your room and block off any costly and inconvenient draughts. Shutters are the most effective energy efficient window decorating, and our clients love informing us about how their window shutters reduce heat loss in their houses.

o Noise reduction – In addition to keeping out the cold, window shutters serve as an additional noise and security barrier. So, whether you live on a busy main road with a lot of passing traffic or in a high-crime area, this solid panel style will assist preserve the peace!

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Also known as Victorian shutters

Solid shutters, often known as Victorian shutters, are the most classic English shutter form available. Victorian shutters are highly prevalent in Victorian homes.

The beauty of solid panel window shutters is not only in their appearance but also in their simplicity, since the solid panels may be opened or closed to allow in or block out light.

Victorian shutters slide down, allowing full access to the window as needed. They lend a touch of quality to any property’s interior and exterior by creating an affluent and elegant appeal.

Key Features of a Victorian Shutter

o Window access is simple

o Improve heat installation and reduce noise

o Simple to maintain

o Most window sizes are accommodated

o Designed to complement your own taste

o Increases curb attractiveness

o Available in a variety of sizes and colors

The solid panels of Victorian shutters are hinged to a frame, making them very easy to open and close, allowing you to manage the light in the room and have rapid access to your windows.

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What is the charm of solid wood shutters?

Solid shutters are quite popular in the UK due to their various advantages. For starters, they give every area a classic, timeless vibe. On gloomy evenings, they also give great levels of seclusion, with the tailormade shutters assuring a perfect fit around the frame. Solid shutters are difficult to beat as a blackout solution.

Are solid shutters appropriate for historic homes?

Victorian solid shutters are a popular choice for individuals who want to maintain a vintage atmosphere on their property. Their traditional elegance and aesthetic simplicity contribute to the preservation of bay and sash window features. Victorian solid shutters have an obvious elegance and sophistication, with its roots firmly planted in English period architecture. Alternatively, you might pick our traditional bay window shutters, which are meant to mimic the natural shape of your statement window while providing the versatility of adjustable louvers.

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Do solid panel shutters retain heat?

Solid shutters are excellent at preserving heat in a space. Our custom-made robust shutters are guaranteed to fit perfectly every time, keeping draughts out on cold nights. These solid wood shutters, made of the finest wood, provide a layer of natural insulation. On hot summer days, on the other hand, they are extremely good at keeping heat out of space. When the sun is beating down on your windows, nothing beats sturdy wooden shutters on the inside to keep the heat away.

What are the prices of solid panel shutters?

You’ll discover that robust shutters are a worthwhile investment. These traditional shutters not only elevate the aesthetic of your room interiors but also dramatically increase the curb appeal of your property. With proper care and upkeep, solid window shutters may survive for decades. Unlike curtains, which will undoubtedly exhibit wear and tear over time, solid panel shutters will appear as good as new for years. Your robust shutters will pay for themselves many times over.

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Are there multiple finishes available for solid wood shutters?

To complement your current furniture and fixtures, your solid wooden shutters can be coated in a natural wood stain. These stained shutters are a fashionable alternative that lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through. Alternatively, you may paint your solid window shutters to match your existing decor. Although you may select any color that suits your home, we find that white window shutters are always a popular choice.

Which rooms are ideal for solid shutters?

Solid window shutters are perfect for bedrooms and nurseries that require darkness due to their structure. Interior solid wooden shutters are very popular in rooms with a street light right outside the window. The solid panel shutters block almost all light, whereas drapes or regular plantation shutters would have significant show-through. Solid shutters are the best option for bedroom shutters that provide complete darkness.

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Why us?

Our classic solid shutters provide a more classical appearance for your property. The solid panels, which do not feature moveable louvres, provide a timeless simplicity that is ideal for traditional homes.

These made-to-measure window shutters may be opened and closed to give excellent insulation, security, and blackout features.

Our success is founded on a variety of design experiences, dedication to excellent manufacture, and a customer service ethos comparable to none. All of our shutters are manufactured to match your exact specifications and measurements.

The vast majority of consumers who purchase interior shutters from us are completely satisfied with our products and service. In the unlikely scenario that someone is dissatisfied, we promptly rectify the situation.

Here’s what separates us from other shutter manufacturers:

          o Each shutter we produce is built by the book, not off the shelf or trimmed to size. Many different shutter businesses, both online and offline, may cut or modify shutters or blinds to meet the dimensions you choose. The fit will never be as nice as if you went with Shutter Factory.

          o Our plantation shutters are made from only the best quality materials. Purchasing a quality product that will last through the years is far more financially beneficial in the long term than sacrificing quality and realizing that your shutters do not last.

          o When you order your shutters, you will interact with polite and competent employees. We handle everything you purchase directly. We are not a fictional business or an advertising platform that sends you to another webpage to place an order.

          o We do all in our ability to assist our clients in selecting, measuring, and installing their shutters, as well as delivering the best materials at the most affordable pricing         .

          o We offer a warranty for all of our products; therefore, you’re guaranteed good quality and long-lasting products, with little to no risks involved.

          o Our company has been on the market for more than fifteen years. Our experience is one of the greatest tools we have.

Don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!


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