Plantation Shutters Styles - Various Design

A main benefit of interior plantation shutters is their versatility. Shutters are a great fit for the design requirements of any home, offering a wide variety of different materials, colours, finishes, shapes, and styles to play around with. We supply shutters in Surrey, London & all around England.


Full Height Shutters

At Shutters Factory, we’re experts when it comes to supplying shutters in Surrey & all over the country. The Full Height style is the most popular choice, where a panel covers the entire height of the window, also being one of the most customisable. The Full Height style can be further classified into several design options:

Full Height Standard
This design option consists of having the entire height of the window covered with each panel’s slats, all being interconnected through the tilt rod, and all the slats tilting into the same direction.

Full Height with Mid-Rail
The mid rail is both a design and an utility feature. By having a mid-rail on a Full Height shutter panel, it allows for individual tilting of the slats from the top half compared to the slats from the bottom half of the panel. While you keep the bottom half shut you gain privacy, whereas keeping the top half of the panel with the slats open you also allow for the sunlight to enlighten the room.

For really tall windows, a mid-rail is recommended to have on the Full Height style and in some cases it becomes imposed as it adds up to the stability of the shutters themselves.
br> Full Height with Split-Louvres
The split louvre section acts a separator for a panel, just like a mid rail, yet without being noticeable at all. It also allows separate openings of the louvres from the top half compared to the louvres left on the bottom side of the panel, from where the split section is done.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters

The tier-on-tier design consists of having two sets of panels on top of each other that operate independently. The tier-on-tier design makes a stunning feature in Victorian properties. This style provides the much-needed privacy, whilst allowing the most light into the rooms, which ideal if you are looking for plantation shutters in London and other built-up urban areas.

Café Style Plantation Shutters

The Café Style covers only the bottom half of a window while leaving the top side fully exposed. These are ideal for ground level windows in living areas or kitchens, while also being a great fit for commercial premises such as cafes or restaurants. The style originated from France, where various shutters are used in order to offer a private dining experience.

Solid Shutters

When choosing wood shutters for windows, the style of your shutter defines the entire feel of the window.

If slatted shutters can be designed to appear modern or traditional, depending on your selection of wood material and slat size, larger sizes tend to appear more modern.

The Solid panel shutters still remain a favourite for those who want to keep a traditional Victorian look for their windows.

Tracked Shutters

Rather than fitting shutters in the usual manner with frames and hinges, these shutters slide on a track.

Tracked shutters are ideal for wide window expanses, or when you are looking to divide a room, as tracking allows for multiple folding panels. The tracked shutters are full height style allowing you to either concertina or slide the panels.

Special Shapes Shutters

Covering any shaped window, this is a great solution for the difficult ones.


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Our high-quality wooden shutters, available in painted, lacquered and oiled finishes, are a perfect choice for every home and office. They have a fine and straight grain and an even texture. Moreover, they are lightweight and odourless. We offer you the widest choice of paint and stain colours, louvre sizes and stile types, an enormous amount of flexibility and customisation to provide you with a bespoke shutter solution.
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