Mimeo Composite Shutters

An all-round option for most windows and for humid conditions as in the UK, would be the Mimeo Range. For more versatile configurations, custom colours, or Special Shaped designs, you can choose any of our Wooden Shutters Ranges. We supply plantation shutters in Manchester, London and all around England.


    Are you thinking of installing shutters in your house? Or perhaps you already own them? A timeless and traditional method to create seclusion and a distinctive, unique accent to any space of your house is with an interior composite shutter. Regardless of the design you like, shutters give a sophisticated and attractive appearance!

    Mimeo Composite Shutters
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    Mimeo Composite shutters

    Our composite shutters have a metal core running through the frames and are built of durable PVC. They are among the greatest shutter options available on the market and also the following factors:

    ⇒ Substantial property investment;

    ⇒ Increased panel stability;

    ⇒ Virtually no “movement” or bending of the shutter panels;

    ⇒ More resistant to chipping;

    ⇒ Timeless beauty.

    100% waterproof

    The Mimeo composite shutters are made from high-quality materials that are particularly durable and moisture resistant. Due to their resilience to weather and humidity, they are a fantastic substitute for wood shutters. Composite shutters are the solution for you if you want the elegant appearance of wood at a reduced cost and without the risk of moisture issues.

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    Made in Europe

    With great care for our clients, our composite shutters are manufactured in Europe. Our plantation shutters adhere to all British and European requirements and are almost entirely child-friendly. To ensure that our clients can enjoy our items for several generations, we place a great value on brilliant craftsmanship and premium materials.

    10-year warranty

    Your shutters are protected against manufacturing flaws for ten years under our warranty. Once the items are fully assembled and acknowledged by the customer, the guarantee is activated. 

    For Warranty Service:

    For warranty support, please get in touch with the original dealer;

    Go to https://www.shuttersfactory.co.uk/contact-us

    Call 0208 075 4473.

    The sole remedy under this guarantee is the repair or remake of faulty items. Similar or identical components will be used for repairs. Shipping and labor costs are not covered by this guarantee. Proof of purchase, information about the nature of the issue, where the product is, and other specifics must be included with warranty claims.

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    Tier on Tier Shutters

    Quick to address any repairs

    We will act quickly to fix or replace the damaged goods if something went overlooked and the customer ends up getting it. We place a high value on customer satisfaction.

    It may take us up to five weeks to redesign, replace, or repair the product, depending on the degree of the damage or potential remakes.

    *Only under warranty will repairs be free.

    Fast shipping and a great price

    On average, your shutters will arrive up to five weeks after you place your purchase.

    Since composite shutters are manufactured to order, several variables affect price, including size and preferred material. Making an appointment and requesting a quotation is the best approach to learning how much it will cost you.

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    Are there any unstated fees?

    There are frequently unforeseen expenses, whether you’re purchasing a clock that needs batteries or a car that requires gas.

    Shutters require installation, so they are no different. At some merchants, you’ll need to arrange for a separate installer, however, at Shutter Factory LTD, one of our skilled carpenters is fully prepared for your order.

    Versatility at its finest

    Our Mimeo Composite shutters are a fantastic product with a variety of uses and benefits. Even yet, we are aware that there is always room for development, which is why we continue to make improvements each year in an effort to reach our full potential.

    Call us at 0148 392 3825 or send us a message on our website if you’re interested in shutters, and you’ll receive UP TO 50% OFF ON ALL MIMEO COMPOSITE SHUTTER ORDERS!

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    Benefits of installing plantation shutters
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    Our high-quality wooden shutters, available in painted, lacquered and oiled finishes, are a perfect choice for every home and office. They have a fine and straight grain and an even texture. Moreover, they are lightweight and odourless. We offer you the widest choice of paint and stain colours, louvre sizes and stile types, an enormous amount of flexibility and customisation to provide you with a bespoke shutter solution.
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