The living room and lounge are essential spaces in any house since they are not only places where you and your family will spend countless hours, but also where you will connect with friends and any visitors you may also have. This is a great opportunity to put your interior design talents to use and give your home the wow factor you’ve been looking for. There are numerous design nuances to consider, which may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry, we can help you with your living room windows.

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Why should your living room have shutters?

Living rooms are among the most often used rooms in the house, therefore adding individuality to them is essential from an aesthetic standpoint. You may accomplish this with living room shutters and shades. You may make the exact fashion statement you want with their clean lines and understated elegance, whether you choose a solid panel or louvered form.
Living room shutters provide unparalleled functional advantages in addition to being fashionable. Shutters offer a level of seclusion and flexibility that other window treatments can’t if your living room faces the street or if you’re concerned about neighbors looking inside your house

What kind of shutters work best in a living room?

  • Our tier-on-tier shutters are a great option if you have large living room windows. Their partitioning, which is divided into upper and lower pieces, allows for the opening and closing of one half, providing total seclusion while letting light into the space.
  • Our full-height shutters enhance the appearance of any size window area. Their full-covering nature and stylish finish make them a great talking point in any space
  • Our cafe-style shutters can be the finest option for you if your living room faces the street. Cafe-style shutters are the best option for striking the tricky balance between privacy and light management since they can cover as much of your window as you desire.
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Living room shutter benefits:

  • An elegant and classic new appearance
  • Ultimate control over privacy and light
  • Prevent sun damage to your goods.
  • Reduce the amount of outside noise
  • Low upkeep and simple to clean
  • Utilize the additional window insulation to save energy costs.

The ideal living area has maximum light and seclusion

The ground floor front of our houses is often where the living areas are located. The louvers on our shutters can be turned to block prying eyes, let natural light in, and still enable you to look out, making them ideal. For maximum versatility, we often advise using tier-on-tier, split louver, or a mid-rail separation when building living room shutters.

Complement your windows' architectural style

Each shutter is customized and created to order to match the unique architecture of your windows, especially bay windows, which are frequently seen in living rooms of our homes. These windows have always been challenging to dress for and demand a custom-made item. The most frequent window types we install shutters for are bay windows, which are a specialty of Shutters Factory LTD. Bay window shutters are ideal and nothing compliments bay windows better.

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The impact of plantation shutters

Installing plantation shutters in your living room might perhaps raise the market value of your property if you have any plans to sell it. Plantation shutters boost the resale value of your property since they are built to remain with it indefinitely. When potential homebuyers pass by and see your window shutters, they also improve the curb appeal (how your property appears from the street) of your home.

You can control and open both the upper and lower panes individually. This allows you to maximize the light from the top layers while preserving the privacy you get when you close the other panels.

Of course, the configuration can be accurately adapted to your needs. This makes wooden tier on tier shutters one of the most versatile shutters on the market.

2022 living room trends

Plantation shutters are a perfect fit for the 2022 living room trends. Right present, rustic and farmhouse-style décor is a very trendy style. Rustic furnishings and plantation shutters fit together beautifully. You’ve certainly also noticed that the style of the 1970s and 1980s is making a comeback, and plantation shutters offer a lovely counterpoint to the distinctive hues and patterns that are evocative of those years.

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Your energy expenses will decrease

Beyond aesthetics, utilizing plantation shutters in living rooms has several benefits, one of which is the capacity to reduce energy costs. Since they have a fixed design, shutters provide better insulation than alternative window coverings.
Compared to blinds and curtains, there are fewer air spaces, which results in less heat loss. Given that people spend the majority of their time in living rooms, especially in the evenings, this is especially crucial for living rooms. Although purchasing shutters may cost more upfront, you will use less heating and spend less on electricity


Benefits of installing plantation shutters
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Our high-quality wooden shutters, available in painted, lacquered and oiled finishes, are a perfect choice for every home and office. They have a fine and straight grain and an even texture. Moreover, they are lightweight and odourless. We offer you the widest choice of paint and stain colours, louvre sizes and stile types, an enormous amount of flexibility and customisation to provide you with a bespoke shutter solution.
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