Initially, man built housing with an exclusively pragmatic purpose – to protect himself from the influence of adverse weather conditions and foreign intrusion. But soon houses began to be regarded as aesthetic objects that formed the architectural environment of a settlement.

In this connection, many elements of the building, which fulfilled a protective function, turned into decorative elements that gave the facade a distinctive and attractive look. Such a metamorphosis occurred also with the shutters. They transformed from heavy, unattractive structures made of wood or metal into spectacular and original décor.

Cafe Style Shutters

Shutters as an element of architectural style

The first association that arises when hearing the word “shutters” is a log cabin with a carved porch and welcoming shutters on the windows. In Russian wooden architecture, the shutters were one of the few decorative elements, with the help of which it was possible to decorate the dull-looking plane of the log cabin. The shutters were covered with fancy carvings or bright paintings. In the paintings, images of amulets were often used (e.g., the tree of life, the sun, birds – a symbol of the family nest). Wooden shutters with rich decorations are an essential attribute of Russian term architecture, which has now become a popular trend in private housing.

Wooden shutters are a traditional decoration of the facade of a house in the colonial style. In countries with hot climates, they serve a utilitarian function, protecting the interior of the house from the hot rays of the sun. But the residential colonial style is also popular in countries with moderate climates. In this case, shutters and blinds serve more of a decorative function, giving the facade a kind of “southern” flavor.

Another architectural direction, which is difficult to imagine without windows framed by shutters, is the half-timbered houses. In medieval Europe, the ground floor of houses in urban areas was often occupied by workrooms – workshops, or shops. In this case, specially designed shutters were installed on the windows of the first floor. The shutters were attached not to the sides of the opening, but at the top and bottom of the window.

The lower shutter made an improvised counter and the upper could be used as a shelter to protect goods from rain or sunlight. The shutters on the upper story windows were traditional hinged windows with paneled casements. The sashes were usually painted dark brown or black (to match the wooden beams). The window decoration was often complemented by a wooden hanging box with imperious plants.

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Modern decorative shutters

Wooden interior shutters, are becoming increasingly popular and are suitable for both modern and more traditional interiors. They appeal to people who want to create an interior that looks like an American house in the suburbs, as well as those who want to breathe in the spirit of a bygone era. Manufacturers offer blinds of different types and in many colors.

Café style shutters

The term cafe-style shutters derive from the aesthetics of Parisian half-shutters commonly found in the windows of pastry shops, cafes, and restaurants. Bringing the same features home, you can choose between semi-private or full eye-level privacy while illuminating your living room, lounge, and dining room with perfect light.

The Cafe Shutters, also known as the Half Shutter, covers only part of the window. Ideal for upstairs windows that provide privacy with unobstructed light from the top half of the window. This allows you to keep your privacy and at the same time shed light on your home.

Mid-height shutters are available in different colors and stains depending on the material selected, allowing you to fit the shutter to the window sill. Like all our styles, the mid-height shutter allows you to customize the colors to suit your home style. They easily match any style of window or room.

Cafe-style plantation shutters are also ideal for bedrooms on the ground floor that do not require complete privacy, as they may not be visible from above. However, by providing privacy in the lower half of the window, the open upper half allows a welcome light to enter the room. Alternatively, if you also want to close the top of the window, you can display the roller shutter range for each column. They can also be complemented by using curtains on the windows to provide a very stylish yet practical roller shutter solution.

Maximize the light while controlling privacy, covering only the bottom of the window. Perhaps one of the main reasons people choose cafe-style shutters over other plantation-style shutters is the shape and class that this type of shutter offers. They look elegant in cottages and Victorian homes and fit perfectly into the style of every home.

The advantages of café style shutters

Cafe-style shutters cover the bottom of the window and can measure from the bottom of the window to halfway. It can also cover 1/3 or 2/3 of the opening, as well as obstacles and desired barriers. Café Style has many advantages.

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Commercial use

They are well suited for professional use and are often seen in cafes – hence the name, from the fact that they are used in France to provide privacy to diners. They are also ideal for waiting rooms, such as dentists and doctors, so anxious patients can look outside and watch the world go by instead of having to read a 5-year-old magazine.

Offices also benefit greatly from this window treatment as natural light flows in, which reduces costs but does not affect computer screens. So, whether you own a home or a business, coffee shop plantation shutters are sure to not only address privacy concerns but also look great.

What can I do if I want a functional top section later?

We would usually suggest deciding on a tier-on tier or whole pinnacle shutter if you anticipate you could want to function a top section later. Whilst it`s a long way possible to function a top section, the whole outer framing of the shutter will need to be replaced to manual a top section so it will hold coins in the end to initially pick out the tier on tier/ whole pinnacle shutters from the offset.

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Can I have café style shutters with curtains?

Yes, café style shutters and curtains work wonders in terms of design and function. While shutters are great too, aesthetically it would be nice to combine shutters in your cafe with curtains. Having both provides the added flexibility of controlling light and privacy. You can open the blinds and close the shutters to increase privacy in the room when the light comes in, or close both to limit light from entering the room above the shutters and completely block the view from the outside.

How much privacy do café style shutters provide?

Café style shutters are the best choice for busy city homes! If your home is noticed by others or is near a sidewalk, the privacy of your home will be paramount. Choosing the right window covering means you’ll be able to keep out neighbors or prying passersby from looking into your room.

Popular for bay windows, cafe-style shutters give your home a sense of privacy while still being flooded with light.

Pedestrians can often be tempted to look out of any window as they pass, so the privacy provided is just another benefit of shutters. At Shutters Factory, the shutters are customized to your requirements and so can include different slider sizes. The smaller the louvers, the more privacy you get, while the larger the louvers you choose, the more light will enter the room.

Since shutters are available in a wide selection of sturdy materials, such as hardwood and MDF, they add an extra layer of solidity to your home and the outside world. This layer creates an insulating barrier, reducing heat loss and saving you money on electricity and water costs.

These insulation properties, combined with excellent light control and privacy, add to the benefits of shutters. They are easy to maintain, simple to clean, and can also be coated with an antibacterial coating, which can make shutters the most hygienic form of window treatment.

Why choose café style shutters?

Like the classic street café aesthetic, cafe shutters are a great option for privacy if you live in a home where frequent passersby can peek into your living space.

Some homeowners believe that shutters from the maximum height can dramatically change the look of a room, making it possible to cover the entire window. However, café style shutters offer more flexibility in controlling light and temperature. This semi-half style means you can choose how many windows you want to cover and how many, respectively.

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Which is the best café style shutter for your windows?

While most café style designs cover the bottom half of the window, it would be a mistake to think that you should choose to cover only the bottom half.

If you have a sash window, panels tend to fit in half, but our experts will be able to discuss your options in more detail during your consultation.

The beauty of our custom shutters is that you can choose exactly where you want the panels to stop.

Our team of plantation shutter specialists is very experienced in shutter design and can explain which shutter style is best for your window and interior design, and most importantly, provide you with ideas on how you want to use your windows and shutters.

Cafe style shutters look great in almost any decor

Café style shutters along with their benefits of privacy, light control, and hygienic finish, provide a great way to complete home designs. Besides helping to prevent prying neighbors from looking into your home, cafe-style shutters are among the most stylish window coverings on the market.

Whether your home is minimalist, trendy, or more traditional, shutters could be the right choice for you.

Café style shutters are a very popular solution and are made of a variety of materials. Browse our range of shutter materials or arrange a free reservation with us: we will make measurements for you and send you a non-binding offer. Book your survey request now: it’s free! After choosing the materials you need, you can also design and buy a cafe-style shutter of your choice online.

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