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Order our Mimeo Composite plantation shutters and get them supplied and installed within 5 weeks. For ease of mind, know that our Mimeo Composite shutters will be covered by a 10-year warranty period.

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    About Shutters Factory

    Shutters Factory specialises in the Supply and Installation of Plantation Shutters. We are aiming to provide the highest quality custom designed and installed shutters in London and the eventually the whole UK. Our products are made to suit every home and every window.

    With more than 15 years experience, we have launched our own production line in Europe. The whole purpose was so that you can get the most suitable look and feel for an almost direct factory prices.

    Our product portfolio includes Mimeo Composite Shutters, Classic Douglas Fir Wooden Shutters and ultimately the Select Ashwood Shutters Blinds that come with a wood grain textured finish.

    One of our friendly Design Specialists will be able to help you out with a Free quote and a Free Survey. Our main objective is to guide you in picking the most suitable product for your needs.

    Awesome Works

    Our Creative Works.

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    Full Height Shutters

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    Full Height with Mid Rail Shutters

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    Tier on Tier Shutters

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    Caffe Style Shutters

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    3 Section Bay Windows

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    Curve Bay Windows

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    Box Bay Windows

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    Special Shapes Shutters

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    Track Shutters by Folding

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    Track Shutters by Pass

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    Solid Shutters

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    Comby Shutters

    Awesome Works

    Our Creative Works.

    plantation shutters 43
    Full Height Shutters
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    Full Height with Mid Rail Shutters
    plantation shutters 47
    Tier on Tier Shutters
    plantation shutters 49
    Caffe Style Shutters
    plantation shutters 51
    3 Section Bay Windows
    plantation shutters 53
    Curve Bay Windows
    plantation shutters 55
    Box Bay Windows
    plantation shutters 57
    Special Shapes Shutters
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    Track Shutters by Folding
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    Track Shutters by Pass
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    Solid Shutters
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    Comby Shutters

    Benefits of installing plantation shutters
    (window shutters) in your home

    Light Control

    Each panel can be adjusted independently to control the light within your home.

    Ultimate Privacy

    Shutter panels allow the natural light to come in while keeping unwelcome attention out.


    Shutters keep your room cool during the summer and retain the heat during the winter. Shutters also reduce the noise level, ideal for homes near busy roads.

    Easy to Maintain

    Shutters require very little maintenance as they are very easy to clean. Simply dust your shutters or wipe them down.

    Mimeo Shutters Waterproof

    Composite frame Composite panels
    10 years warranty! Delivery within 4-6 weeks.

    Our Composite Plantation Shutters were designed having bathrooms in mind.

    Where wooden or MDF shutters failed against humid conditions by developing defects such as warping or paint blowing, the Polywood shutters are tough, hard wearing and ideally suited to withstand high humidity, moisture, condensation and direct water contact.

    With a great quality finish and look, they fit the same as the other plantation shutters that we can provide. We supply window shutters in Liverpool, London, Manchester and all over England.

    Classic Shutters

    Made out of New Zealand Douglas Fir Wood Wooden Shutters for the price of MDF!

    We chose New Zealand Douglas Fir for the type of wood we use, as this way we can make use of both the durability and hardness the wood has to offer, as well as the versatility of manufacturing that it allows.

    The Classic Shutters are recommended for huge shutters designs as being a bit lightweight than other species it keeps some pressure off the hinges maintaining the stability of the panels.

    With 28 waterbased colours available, ranging from whites to greys and up to black, you can easily find a colour that matches your interior design.

    Premium Shutters

    Basswood frames and panels

    Plantation shutters traditionally come with a stained finish, now thanks to Basswood Shutters, it is possible to have them in a wide range of stained wooden colours and a wide range of painted colours.

    With our Premium Shutters range, the entire shutter is made out of Basswood, both frames, panels and slats. Plantation Shutters made out of Basswood have insulation properties due to the very nature of the basswood itself, helping in maintaining as much as possible a perfect ambient in the room, keeping out the winter cold and the summer heat.

    This option remains one of the best choices for Tier on Tier Styles or large panels as in for conservatory windows.

    Select Ashwood Shutters

    Ash Wood Frames and Panels
    Wood Grain Brushed Finish

    The Select Shutters range is made out of Ash wood, this way making great use of the hardwood’s strength, hardness, weight and shock resistance , qualities that will be reflected in the end product which hardly warps.

    All our shutters made of ash wood, come with a brushed finish reproducing this way the wood grain effect.

    With even more colours available for this particular shutters range, you get to choose from 28 waterbased painted colours and over 15 more wood effect oil based finishes that reproduce the looks of different wood species amongst which Walnut, Teak, Chestnut, Oak and many more.

    Windows & Conservatory Shutters

    At we offer you a wide variety of traditional and modern shutters to suit your property whatever the style and period of your home, whether you live in Liverpool, London or anywhere in England.

    Our windows not only combine elegant, good looks with enhanced security, they are also designed to make your home, and life within it, more comfortable.


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    Our high-quality wooden shutters, available in painted, lacquered and oiled finishes, are a perfect choice for every home and office. They have a fine and straight grain and an even texture. Moreover, they are lightweight and odourless. We offer you the widest choice of paint and stain colours, louvre sizes and stile types, an enormous amount of flexibility and customisation to provide you with a bespoke shutter solution.

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